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Why Believe? Volume 2

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Volume 2: Will believing what the Church teaches make me happy?

Although we created Why Believe? as a high-school level textbook, most people who have read it rave about the explanations, examples, and clear teachings its authors present. This book makes a perfect gift for Catholics of any age who want to dive deep into the fullness of the Church's teachings. 

Written by expert theologians in language easily understood by teenagers, Why Believe? challenges readers to understand the current cultural challenges and the Church's authentic response rooted in joy, truth, and Jesus Christ. 

We are excited to offer Volume 1 and Volume 2 of this important book to the world - no need to be a Catholic school student or teacher!

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Paperback | 258 Pages


Why Believe? is a series unlike any other. It is truly a New Apologetics for the New Evangelization!

Today, many Catholics confront daily the implicit claim that our secular culture provides fully for human happiness. Why Believe? responds directly to that claim by a compelling argument that faith in Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Son of God, is the only adequate answer to the human heart’s desire for happiness. That argument unfolds over the 30 chapters of the two-volume textbook.

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