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True Beauty & True Strength DVD Sets

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The True Beauty and True Strength series focuses on what it takes to be real man or woman of God, as it discusses the themes of chastity, love, fellowship, and relationships in the everyday lives of young men and women.

The True Beauty 4-DVD series explores femininity and the virtue of chastity for young women. This series will help young women become steadfast in the virtue of chastity in the midst of an unchaste culture.

The True Strength 4-DVD series studies masculinity and the virtue of chastity for young men. Based in Biblical teaching and principles, this series will help young men discover that their masculinity is God’s invitation to be a man of greatness.


These 4-DVD studies are intended to be led by an adult who can facilitate discussion and faith sharing using the video resources and leader materials that are provided.

We have found that when these resources are used along with your personal witness to the faith, all the participants grow together in knowledge of the Catholic Faith and in relationship with our Lord. Journeying deeper into the Church becomes so much more than following a set of teachings or customs. It is about transforming in truth, grace, and intimacy with Jesus.