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St. Teresa of Calcutta was a woman known and loved for her tender work among the poorest of the poor. Behind her drive and desire to serve Christ’s poor was a profound understanding of the thirst of God for man, and man’s thirst for God. This guided meditation on Scripture and the teaching of Mother Teresa will lead those who read it into the heart of the mystery of God’s thirst for souls, and how man can meet the Lord’s thirst. Fr. Joseph Langford, an intimate friend of Mother Teresa’s and a co-founder with her of the Missionary of Charity Fathers, leads the reader into Mother Teresa’s love of God, and helps foster the love of God in the heart of the reader.

Divided into seven main sections, these meditations will provoke prayer on:

– The Dynamics of Thirst

– Prayer as Thirst

– Our Lady’s Example in Meeting God’s Thirst

– Thirst in the Service of God

– Sharing in the Thirst of Christ

– Jesus as the Incarnation of God’s Thirst

– Satiated Thirst

I Thirst provides an opportunity to spend a few minutes every day with Mother Teresa and the thirst of our Lord. It provides an opportunity to grow in intimacy, and to meet the thirst of God with our own thirst for him.

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